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Anglia Capital Group Portfolio

We're hugely proud of our growing portfolio. We are delighted to be associated with a fantastic mix of innovative businesses run by ambitious, talented founders. Anglia Capital Group’s Members have supported the rapid growth of over 50 companies to-date by sharing, not only their capital, but also their personal experience and knowledge from their own diverse careers.


Ablatus Therapeutics is the first spin-out company from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and is developing Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA) – a revolutionary innovative ablation technology for the treatment of solid tumours.


By combining acoustic technology with environmental sensors, AgriSound’s scientists have developed a range of innovative products that can aid farmers and growers in maintaining an optimal pollination environment necessary for the survivial of future pollinators, farms, gardens and ultimately the planet.

Amino Drinks

The ultimate workout drinks. Targeted formulas delivering the nutrients you need where they're needed.


Beep has created the world’s first digital campus card, allowing university students to gain door and facilities access via a smartphone.


Bidnstay is an exciting way to book last-minute accommodation and book direct. As long as you beat the silent reserve you win the booking!


CROSSIP is an award-winning non-alcoholic spirit brand that is breaking through the high-end hospitality market globally.

Canopey is making sustainable shopping, shopping. Using an impact calculator and central marketplace, Canopey brings ethical brands selling better impact products together under one roof, showing the carbon emissions, water waste and plastic waste saved per product compared to their mainstream counterparts.

Coral Eyewear

Coral Eyewear create stylish, sustainable eyewear. Their frames are created from was plastics and fishing nets abandoned at sea.

Developing Experts

A digital platform solution empowering teachers and giving children a memorable learning experience


Easology has created software to make the latest smartphones, tablets, and services easier to use, for older people and people with dexterity, eyesight, or cognitive difficulties.


Enval treats plastic better, enabling the recycling of valuable resources and paving the way for responsible packaging solutions. We have developed a unique microwave-induced pyrolysis solution for low-density packaging waste.

Extend Robotics

Extending Human Capability Beyond Physical Presence 3D Virtual Reality Interfaces To Control Your Robot From Anywhere in the World.

Fox Robotics

Fox Robotics has developed a family of autonomous mobile robots for logistics, warehousing, agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, and health industry sectors.


Glyconics® exploits the ability of Infrared light to produce distinctive molecular ‘fingerprints’ for healthy vs non-healthy samples. This is the first time IR Spectroscopy has been miniaturised to deliver accurate results in minutes.


Gravitilab is transforming microgravity testing and space access's flagship offering is the Intelligent Project Prediction (IPP) tool, which uses advanced AI algorithms to provide executives with valuable insights and predictions about the outcomes of both ongoing and new projects. This powerful tool helps our customers make informed decisions, minimize risks and costs, and avoid costly delays.


Homemove is augmenting the moving home process through technology. We are here to make the lives of our customers and excellent service providers simpler.

Iceni Glycoscience

Iceni Glycoscience is an innovative platform company with world-class expertise in glycoscience (carbohydrate chemistry and biology) – exploiting the use of glycans (complex sugars) in the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics.

Nethergate Brewery

Our passion for tradition has led Nethergate Brewery to produce some of the Country’s best-loved Beers.


NOVAI is developing DARC technology to preserve sight through early detection and treatment of ophthalmic disease using a novel real-time cellular platform technology combining a biologic with AI, thereby bringing value to patients, providers and our pharmaceutical clients.


British grown and carefully produced nutritious gluten-free flour, made from pulse based products, offering a healthy, highly versatile and superior option

Okko Health

OKKO Health develops home-monitoring apps for measuring vision – we embed deep vision science behind simple games on smartphones and tablets. This has applications across clinical practice, scientific research and in R&D of new drugs and devices.

One Planet Pizza

One Planet Pizza’s purpose is to save our planet one slice at a time. Using the power of our epic tasting frozen plant-based pizzas to inspire everyone to live more sustainably.


Optalysys are developing optical high performance computing hardware that will revolutionise the market by operating at levels well in excess of what can be achieved with electronics at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption.

Osprey Engines

Snetterton based Osprey Engines designs and manufactures innovative light-weight, low-emission internal combustion engines for non-automotive markets.

PBD Biotech

PBD Biotech has developed a proprietary technology which can be used to detect the presence of Tuberculosis in animal livestock, reducing morbidity rates and loss of productivity in the agricultural industry.


Pikl is a fast-growing Insurtech business providing solutions that enable the Sharing Economy to thrive. We believe that when people have the confidence to share their assets, the world is a better place with more human connection and less waste.


Rainbird is a leading AI platform that enabled organisations to automate human decision-making.


RareCan is the first and only company in the market to bring together ‘consent to contact’ patient recruitment, an abundance of data to ensure accurate screening, and access to bio-samples and genetics.


High quality clothing and equipment line inspired by the adventures of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Spark EV

Spark is a software service that uses live data and machine learning algorithms to give EV drivers an accurate prediction of energy between charges. This gives greater confidence in range and increased utilisation for fleets. Our mission is to accelerate EV adoption as a means to reducing air quality challenges in densely populated areas and increase vehicle trust.


For 10 years we’ve enabled entrepreneurs & content makers to afford the type of technology that previously only big tech platforms like Netflix or Spotify could provide to audiences …on your own website and app. We provide a combination of network monitoring equipment with a cloud-based data platform, expert advisory analysis, and management services.


For over 16 years we have been trusted by some of the largest water utilities across the globe to monitor and analyse their water networks


VirtTuri is a next generation AI avatar Digital assistant that combines market-leading response speed and accuracy with a world-leading patented, hyper-realistic avatar interface.


WATR has been designed to improve water quality around the world by providing an easy, accurate and reliable way of monitoring conditions.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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