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Developing Experts is a great example of how Angel Investing can have a positive impact not only on the local economy but also the wider community across the UK and beyond.

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Developing Experts is a great example of how Angel Investing can have a positive impact not only on the local economy but also the wider community across the UK and beyond.

Developing Experts first came to Anglia Capital Group in 2017 seeking investment into their educational software-as-a-service, online science lesson business. Developing Experts specialises in building software which provides lesson plans and resources to support teachers covering unfamiliar subjects.

Recently listed in JP Morgan’s Top 200 Female Powered Business list, Developing Experts was founded by Sarah Mintey MBE. Helping pupils to understand the application of a subject and support teachers in that aim was the driving force behind Sarah’s idea for the business. She created Developing Experts because in her previous teaching career she had regularly been asked to teach a subject outside her area of expertise. Sarah wanted all teachers and parents to have access to resources which empower them to teach each subject like an expert.

After receiving over £1million from ACG’s network of investors and the added support benefits that Angels can bring to a business, Developing Experts have seen huge success. The platform is now recognised by teachers on EdTech Impact’s review platform as their ‘Best Rated Primary School Science resource’ in the UK. Its digital platform provides more than 1000 science curriculum lessons for primary and secondary schools combined with a careers and recruitment forum for both young people and their families and carers. The platform is designed to build diversity in the workplace for young people, parents, carers, and job seekers, by responding to employer needs as well as local and central government campaigns.


“Pitching to the Angels from Anglia Capital Group was a fantastic experience and gaining that early stage funding was vital to enable us to successfully grow the business. We bridge the gap to ensure there is a match between talent supply and demand, strategically tailoring people’s profiles to meet labour market demands rather than leaving it to chance. With the appointment of our new Head of Partnerships, Dr Jean Debney we are looking forward to pushing ahead with our plans to address the issue of encouraging female engagement in STEM subjects.” Sarah Mintey MBE, Founder, Developing Experts.

The platform launched its new self-build curriculum tools for October 2021. At the present time, Developing Experts, is enjoying working with schools across the UK and globe, attracting over a 20% market share in the UK and broadening its reach overseas. In the lockdown, Developing Experts made its entire bank of science lessons free for schools struggling to provide remote learning. More than 5,600 schools signed up and over 1million students accessed lessons – growing its user base ten-fold. All the knowledge is supported by a suite of expertise within the team, partners and associates from industry and academia including King’s College London, The Royal Society, The Institute of Physics, Network Rail, and Airbus offering specialised expertise in science, teaching, research, web design, commerce, project management, public services, and human resources.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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