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Co-Investment Funds

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New Anglia Capital

New Anglia Capital (NAC) is a co-investment fund backed by £5million from the New Anglia LEP, in partnership with Anglia Capital Group, that was set up to co-invest alongside local investors into Norfolk and Suffolk companies with the following key aims:

  • To encourage local investment.

  • To attract and retain high-growth potential business in the region.

  • To support economic growth and job creation.

Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Operated by the UEA and Norfolk County Council, the Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2) will invest in SMEs across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Hertfordshire. To qualify for support, businesses must be making an impact on greenhouse gas reduction, either through the development of products and services or through manufacturing or operational changes.

East of England Co-Op

The East of England Co-op is proud to be the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England.  As part of our commitment to our members and the local region we look to invest in businesses that we think might add value to our offering, reduce our costs, or are in markets we have longer term interest in entering.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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