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The Halo Programme Alumni

AAH Software

Mantal is a complete research management platform that manages all aspects of clinical trials from recruitment, consent, trial delivery and the automation of repeat trials, engagement and reengagement.


Bioscopic is a pharmaceutical start-up, currently spinning out of the Quadram Institute, , which isolates therapeutic compounds from beneficial microbes.

Exo Engineering

Exo Engineering Int. Ltd helps maritime clients to achieve sustainability targets by enhancing offshore infrastructure with nature inclusivity.


PfBio sift for agricultural allies. They develop environmentally friendly bacteria-based products to promote plant health and protect crops from major agricultural diseases

Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence provides a scalable, modular approach to creating environments for consumers and commerce.

PulseOn Foods

PulseOn Foods develop science-based pulse flour that enhances the nutritionalvalue of foods to support health, wellness and sustainability.

Tom & Toto

Tom and Toto are planning to expand their national award-winning pet care company into new locations across East Anglia and beyond.


Words.Tel provide an easier way for people to remember and find businesses online using a memorable phrase unique to each business. The first and only platform disrupting Google.


Yond is re-imagining the travel agency and hotel booking experience for the social generation.

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