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Developing Experts Win Top Industry Award

ACG Portfolio company Developing Experts has won the Primary Digital Learning Product Broad Curriculum (other) Award at the 2024 BETT Awards.

Developing Experts first came to Anglia Capital Group in 2017 seeking investment into their educational software-as-a-service, online science lesson business. Developing Experts specialises in building software which provides lesson plans and resources to support teachers covering unfamiliar subjects.

After receiving over £1million from ACG’s network of investors and the added support and benefits that Angels can bring to a business, Developing Experts has seen huge success.

Developing Experts is a groundbreaking digital learning platform revolutionising science education for students aged 4 to 16. With over 1000 interactive lessons, aligned meticulously with the National Curriculum, it provides a comprehensive curriculum program.

The platform seamlessly integrates with classroom teaching, allowing educators to track progress and assess performance. Unique features include expert and career videos, providing real-world context to scientific concepts. Notably, Developing Experts actively promotes sustainability and inclusivity, aligning with the DfE’s policy. It offers an affordable pricing model, with a school license priced at just £150 per annum, making it accessible for institutions of all sizes and budgets. Ongoing support and updates are included, ensuring educators and students have access to the latest features.

Overall, Developing Experts is a transformative tool that empowers both educators and students in their pursuit of scientific knowledge and understanding.

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