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PfBIO - The Halo Programme

Rosaria Campilongo, Founder of PfBIO joined The Halo Programme in September 2023. Rosaria came to the programme with an impressive background in molecular microbiology, genetics, and bacteria-plant interaction. Having worked as a research scientist within the John Innes Centre for 9 years, Rosaria has been developing a technology which provides growers with an effective alternative to agrochemicals.

PfBIO is at an early stage in their development and Rosaria chose The Halo Programme to learn how to get ready for investment, improve the company pitch and acquire useful contacts.

During the programme, participants were taken through a wide-ranging course covering all aspects of investment readiness. The culmination of the programme was a showcase event where Rosaria, joined by her fellow company Founders from the programme, delivered an excellent pitch to a group of invited guests from the local business community. A panel of 4 expert judges asked questions and gave feedback after the pitch.


“I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Halo Programme organized by Anglia Capital Group . Each session was incredibly valuable, and I learned a lot from the mentors, investors, and other participants. I would like to express my gratitude to Laura Hood and Hannah Smith for organising the programme, and to my mentors for their superb guidance and support. This experience has made a significant impact on my entrepreneurial journey, and PfBIO has greatly benefited from it.”

Rosaria Campilongo

As part of the programme, Rosaria had access to 2 experienced mentors. The mentors spent time each week to go through what Rosaria had covered in the workshops, what areas she need to work on and advised on all aspects from business planning to partnership negotiations and pitching.

"Rosaria Campilongo, my co-mentor and I, took on the challenge of developing the PfBIO angel investment prospectus as part of The Halo programme. This covered everything from legal, financial, marketing, competitive landscape and strategic aspects right down to the nuts and bolts of the pitch deck and the valuation of the company. Over a short period of time, I saw Rosaria gain enormously from the experience both in honing her investment pitch but also in knowledge and expertise in the areas in which she knew comparatively little at the start. This was testament to her hard work and drive, something always underpinning any successful entrepreneur. Even better, she received a significant offer of an equity investment shortly after the programme completed. I am eagerly looking forward to watching her future progress."

ACG Member & Mentor

From Investment Readiness to Investment Success

Following Rosaria’s successful pitch at The Halo Programme Finale Showcase, PfBIO stood out as an interesting investment opportunity to one of Anglia Capital Group’s Angel Investors. The company has since received £75k to kick-start the next stage of development

"It is incredibly exciting that one of our members has committed to invest in PfBIO following their participation in The Halo Programme. It is notoriously difficult for science-based start-ups at such an early stage, prior to launching a product, to raise investment. Seeing the work which had been undertaken by Rosaria during the programme and the mentors supporting the business combined with the exciting potential of this technology has provided enough reassurance for an Angel Investor to come on board early."

Hannah Smith
Managing Director, Anglia Capital Group


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