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Norfolk-based Clean-Tech Start-up WATR secure £75,000 funding through Anglia Capital Group

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

After an impressive pitch to the Angel Investors from Anglia Capital Group, WATR successfully secured funding for their clean-tech start-up.

The founders of WATR came to the Angels with a clear mission for their business – to use technology to improve water conditions across the globe. Their long-term ambition is for WATR to become the early warning system for water quality globally and to have units in every country in the world by 2024.

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. With the environment and climate at the top of many minds right now, especially with the recent COP26 summit, WATR managed to strike a chord with the group as they could clearly see the need for this innovative new product. In conjunction with their partners at New Anglia Capital, Anglia Capital Group were able to assist WATR to raise a total of £75,000 for their seed round.

“When WATR pitched to our members they were immediately impressed by the mission to improve water conditions around the world. Businesses with a focus on sustainability are increasingly seeing success in gaining early-stage funding as more of our members seek to invest in companies which are having a positive impact on the environment. We wish WATR every success for the future and look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength” Hannah Smith, Managing Director, Anglia Capital Group.

Based in one of Norfolk’s technology hubs, the Hethel Engineering Centre (run by Hethel Innovation), the team at WATR have developed a product which can provide the customer with a live time data feed to an app or dashboard so they may observe parameters such as water temperature, ORP, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and chlorophyll amongst others.

“We are extremely excited to see WATR’s vision and product quality be recognised by investors. Their success and focus on improving and protecting our environment is incredibly inspiring and we are proud to have them as a member of our innovative community of businesses at Hethel Innovation. We can’t wait to see what is next for the team and see their growth continue.” Imogen Shipperlee, Innovation Manager, Hethel Innovation.
WATR App Screenshot
WATR App Screenshot

WATR are now gaining recognition across the industry and have recently been selected as double finalists in the “World changing ideas” and “On the rise categories” in the Fast Company’s 2021 awards.

“WATR has had an extremely exciting year. We made new product enhancements to WATR, added new accessories and opened a new market with Soil Monitoring. We are currently working on a number of projects with different water companies, a large environmental project in Devon, as well as working with SME’s and fisheries. We are now generating enquiries globally and the level of interest in the product in the last three months has been phenomenal. It’s fantastic that after four years of intense development that we are starting to realise our mission, to improve water conditions around the globe. As a business we are extremely committed to the region and to have investment support from local investors has enabled us to accelerate our growth.” Glyn Cotton, Co-Founder, WATR

In an exciting new development WATR have recently launched their new product TERA which enables farmers and agriculturalists to utilise the power of real-time soil condition data to improve crop conditions, reduce costs and to create more efficient farming and agricultural solutions.


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