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Quirky pet-care start-up, Sniffe & Likkit, secure £62,000 funding through Anglia Capital Group

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Suffolk-based Sniffe & Likkit team came to Anglia Capital Group with a unique pitch for their premium range of grooming, gifts and treats for pets. They were successful in securing £62,000 through Anglia Capital Group and their co-investment partners at New Anglia Capital (backed by New Anglia LEP).

UK spending on pet grooming is forecast to hit 1.1bn this year ( PFMA Survey 2019). Capturing the booming spend on pets, Sniffe & Likkit have created a range of luxury pet-care products which focus on pet’s needs for their fur, skin and pH levels first whilst putting fine fragrance at the core.

“It was really refreshing to see Sniffe & Likkit’s pitch. A fun brand combined with a well thought out mission and strong business plan. Their focus on vegan-friendly, natural ingredients and sustainability gives Sniffe & Likkit a unique selling point and we’re excited to see this brand grow.” Hannah Smith, Managing Director, Anglia Capital Group.

With a background in personal care, the team brought their expertise to pets. The product range focusses on grooming and gifting, with fragrances which dogs and humans both enjoy. Sustainability was put at the core of the products with formulas that are vegan, 95%+ natural with minimal and recyclable packaging.

“Our premium range of grooming, gifts and treats is made in the UK with natural ingredients. We’re finding the ‘new type’ of dog owner – who treat their furry friend like one of the family – is delighted with the quality and innovation we’ve brought to a category that’s been sadly lacking emphasis on a dog’s wellbeing. We were invited to exhibit at Crufts this year and independent boutiques, department stores, Garden Centres and luxe petshops around the country have given us great feedback on sales. Next up for us is export, with enquiries coming in from the Far East, Europe and the USA.” Lee Sargent, Chief Human, Sniffe & Likkit.

Anglia Capital Group’s Members have supported the rapid growth of 45 companies to-date by sharing, not only their capital, but also their personal experience and knowledge from their own diverse careers.


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