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Anglia Capital Group Invest in exciting robotics start-up Fox Robotics

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

After an impressive pitch to the Anglia Capital Group Angels, Fox Robotics successfully received investment to help them fill their round of £750,000 alongside other investors. This is ACG’s 8th investment into local businesses so far in 2021, with several awaiting round closure, cementing their commitment to growing opportunities for companies within East Anglia.

Initially focusing on logistics and warehousing, Fox Robotics spotted a considerable need for robotics in the farming and agricultural sectors. The soft fruit market, in particular, is a sector that relies heavily on manual labour. Nearly a quarter of the time spent fruit picking is taken up with moving produce back and forth to collection points. Fox Robotics can automate this portion of the workload, helping workers spend their time more productively.

Pitching to the ACG Angels was a great experience. We are glad to be working closely with angels who appreciate our work and understand the positive impact we will have on the industry and everyone who consumes soft fruits. We are excited for the challenges ahead.” Henry Acevedo, CEO & Founder

In addition to improving productivity in the fruit picking process, the robot’s data collection also removes the need for paper recording. This means that data is more precise, real-time and better managed.

“We’re really pleased to see Fox Robotics have a successful fundraising round. This innovative business was of particular interest to us for it’s potential to revolutionise the agricultural sector which is a huge part of the economy in East Anglia. We wish the team every success for the future.” Hannah Smith, Investment Director, Anglia Capital Group.

Fox Robotics has developed Autonomous Mobile Robots that can work closely with humans. Fox Robotics initially developed a warehouse robot to carry the logistics tasks autonomously. Their focus pivoted from warehouse robotics to agriculture robotics due to the immense opportunity and challenges this industry has. Using machine learning technology, the robot makes a map of its environment as it travels around to complete a series of tasks whilst navigating its way around the rough terrain. Each robot has advanced cyber defences built-in.

A winner at this year’s Start-up Series Competition, Fox Robotics is a start-up located at Innovation Martlesham in Suffolk. They have developed a family of autonomous mobile robots for the agriculture sector, with the opportunity to expand to other industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and health industry.


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.


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